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Steve Sutton Memorial 2021 Hike

This year on August we will be conducting the fourth annual Steve Sutton Memorial hike, this hike will honor all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in combat, training & the ones who lost their fight with inner demons. We plan on stepping at 08:00 on August 12th from the H&J Travel Center (191 Americus HWY, Butler GA 31006 ). The first day order of movement will consist of two primary legs, the set step pace will be roughly anywhere between 3.3 mph-6 mph. The first stop will be at Subway (103 E Oglethorpe St, Ellaville GA 31806). Once we eat and re supply water here we will continue to our bed down location. (Best Western Plus, 125 W Lamar St, Americus GA 31709). This is our rest location it could be anywhere between 21:00-23:00 for our arrival here. Day 2 we will wake up and depart around 09:00. We will depart from the hotel and step directly to the memorial site they have built for LCPL. Steve G. Sutton. (100 Leslie HWY, Leesburg GA 31763) this is the end point of the movement and plan on hopefully meeting any family members here. This entire hike is roughly -70 mile unsupported movement. We will only carry a Marine Corps Flag, & American Flag the eternity of the hike and packs and minimal gear to maintain a fast pace. Below is our order of movement and we will have a link up for fundraising for the families accordingly. We will be selling shirts/tank tops and patches to raise money. The public is welcome to walk / visit during any of this movement and strongly encouraged. There will be two primary individuals hiking. SGT. Flynn Von Roretz (Retired) & GySgt Josh Negron (Active Duty). If the media would like to contact us the POC will be Flynn(404-552-6175) .


T-Shirt Design for Fundraiser


Patch Design for Fundraiser


Order of Movement


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