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Fundraiser to Help a local Georgia Marine Veteran Race Car driver!

Green Wolf Tactical is hosting a fundraiser now to help a fellow Local of Georgia, Darrell Tucker. He's a Marine Veteran and did his time honorably. He races in his free time and builds the cars himself. Green Wolf Tactical wants to help this Marine out by having a sunglasses fundraiser! Each pair of sunglasses helps raise the money for to get him his current race car on the track to help drive his passion. He was a 0811 for 8 years. A related but different job to the field artillery Cannoneer is MOS 0814, the high mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS) operator. Like their counterparts in MOS 0811, these operators prepare the HIMARS for movement, combat, and firing. He will be racing at Dixie and Rome Speedway. Dixie is in Woodstock and Rome. Darrell will be racing the super bomber class, approximately 450HP 2400 lbs. cars sliding sideways at 100-110 mph. He's a father, husband as well please help us raise the money to keep this Marine on the track and support our local Veteran Community. Click below to grab a pair of custom Green Wolf Tactical Shades to support Darrell!

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