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Memorial Day Remerbence

This weekend will be Memorial Day. This weekend is dedicated to the men and women who died in the line of duty protecting Americas freedoms. Americans of every race, gender, religion, and ethnicity have lost their lives doing so. They have worn the American flag, Eagle Globe & Anchor, and many more American Insignia into every corner of the planet with pride. They have stepped foot in places Americans have never been. Some of those countries, some Americans cannot find on a map let alone pronounce the name of it. Those fellow AMERICANS have died since the first fight with George Washington in the Revolutionary War to present day Global War on Terrorism. They have represented levels of the greatest morals, dedication and discipline some Americans will never have. They show respect to every person they met. So remember the true meaning of Memorial Day and who this day is for. Never forgot the meaning of what the American flag means to every single Warrior that was covered in that flag when they came home to their families in a casket. Until Valhalla, Never forget.

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