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Steve G. Sutton Memorial Hike

This year Flynn Von Roretz and & Support from the Green Wolf Tactical team will be conducting a hike to honor Steven G. Sutton. The start day will be Wednesday the 23rd of May. It will be roughly 08:00 start time . Starting in Taylor county and ending at The Steven G. Sutton memorial Cross. The end date will be around the evening of the 24th. At this point we will meet with Steve’s father. This is roughly a 85-90 mile movement . This is not for the faint of heart. It’s meant to be extremely challenging. Flynn Von Roretz has been participating in long distance running , cycling and in the gym for years . Anyone is welcome to join parts of the hike and walk portions as much as possible! We are selling Keychains to raise money for Stevens foundation. Click the link below if you would be able to donate to the foundation. Please contact us directly by email or phone for exact route details ! Thank you an Semper Fi.

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