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Two Warriors for two causes both KIA in Afghanistan

This Memorial Day will mean remembrance for many. Green Wolf Tactical has been collaborating with families and wants to raise money for the following men Killed in Afghanistan. LCPL Eugene C. Mills JR ( KIA June 22, 2012) & LCPL Steve G. Sutton (KIA May 26, 2012). Each foundation the profits for everything will go 100% to each family respectively. The following options will be $50 for both patches or $25 for one patch of your choice. They will be very unique and one of a kind only 50 of each one will be made the following link will route you to where you can buy each patch. If you would like to make a difference on Memorial Day please help both or one of the families today. Green Wolf Tactical is extremely fortunate to have been given this opportunity to serve these families and will do everything in our powers to help and do great things .

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