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Every day should be about how much you can accomplish or how you can be a good dude. I seen a lot of individuals who do not have a set life style and choose to blame things for things that happened in the past. I hold myself and my family to a high standard. We aren't better than anyone, we are respectful and hold each other accountable for our actions and other peoples actions. I cant imagine why anyone in this nation can blame anyone but them selves for a failure of their communities. One person may not hold very much power but as a group we can come together and accomplish large achievements. If the Marine Corp. has taught me anything its that with a fire team of Marines from a Rifle squad can take on a platoon of bad guys . As that may be very different from the civilian world I do understand the fact still holds true with civilians , we can still make a large impact on the places we live in small numbers . We cant blame every police officer for killing some one , just like we cant blame every Muslim for being a member of a terrorist organization. See for some reason on both sides of the line people like to play the blame game and cant hold them self accountable . With rioting in these Cities occurring more and more I do not see any one taking these large groups to the Local Police Departments , Court Rooms or making phone calls on how they can solve these issues. I see that most people will take the easiest route possible post some statements on Social media say how bad LEO's are an flip some cars and burn some boxes in a riot. Good job, I understand the fact not every guy is out there to be a good guy. But that same fact is the same for us every day people . We are all not good people, and you cant just trust anyone. I mean if any one forgot the nations been at war the last 15 years . Theres a lot of bad guys everyday that want to see America fail. The people that choose to make a difference wont let that happen even if we have to pick up the slack from the guys falling back. Im not saying what Police doing are wrong but can you put yourself in a everyday situation where you are always wearing a Vest and ready to take a few shots to the face for your community all for the love of our Nation? Before you so eagerly criticize anyone you need to look at ourselves and ask what is wrong and how can we fix it . This nation is not divided , its far from it we have never been stronger as a nation than now. We have some of the best Technology, Military Forces, America offers more opportunity and social mobility than any other country, including the countries of Europe Asia and well everywhere , as a nation compared to the rest of the world we have far more developed equality than any other nation in the world. So before you say anything work hard , be a good dude and never let the fire inside yourself die .

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