Custom Tun Tavern Hoodie, it has the orginal Tun Tavern 100% sewn on back. Real combat pants sewn into the text Tun Tavern. The Leaft breast has a Eagle Globe and Anchor sewn on. Left sleeve has a 2'x3' Velcro removable Patch.(USA Flag is included). GWT tags and logo and size hanger inside the hoodie. This is a Extra Large hoodie. The price is set to one hundred and sixty dollars. We are retaining ten dollars for product cost and the other one hundred and fifty will be given to The Hunter HD Hogan Foundation in Honor of the USMC birthday. The Hunter HD Hogan Fountation is a Marine Owned Non-Profit. We are only making one of these hoodies. Dont ask for another size or a diffrent kind.More information regarding The Hunter Hogan Foundation can be found below

Tun Tavern Hoodie

  • All T-shirts are uni-sex, standard sizing.

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